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Beginning on June 22, our in-person worship services will be paused until the COVID numbers are more stable.


One service only ~ 10:00 am


Services are recorded in advance and

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On alternate Sundays (through September), a Spirited Traditional Service or a Relaxed Contemporary Service







JANUARY 13-15, 2022

19 Classes in Music, Art, Writing, and Dance

3 Border Information Lectures

6 Field Trips

2 Dynamic Concerts

EARTH DAY: A Look Back

On Sunday, April 25, 2021, we observed Earth Day here at The Good Shepherd. A big part of our observance were five Zoom meetings which were presented on subjects relating to "Restoring the Planet." Each of these  Zoom presentations was led by a knowledgeable member of our Mission, Service and Justice Team.

In the desert it is sometimes hard to find a cool, safe place to rest, a place where your spirit is renewed by community and refreshed by living waters. We are glad you have found your way here to receive our extravagant welcome.

We hope you will come to know us as a vibrant, relaxed and diverse community of faith, and as a church that gathers to nurture, share and celebrate the wonder of life.

For at The Good Shepherd we are all spiritual seekers who find joy in community; meaning in living faith-filled lives; purpose in seeking to promote justice and compassion; and direction in following in the way of Jesus.


Church Office hours are 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday - Thursday.

Due to COVID-19, the Church Office is temporarily closed to the public.

Please call 520-625-1375.

Open and Affirming

We believe God embraces all people equally, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. Read about our commitment to welcome all our fellowship.

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Javarita Coffeehouse

A ministry of The Good Shepherd UCC dedicated to supporting and bringing fine live acoustic music to the Santa Cruz Valley for more than 15 years.