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​​​​​​​No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey...you are welcome here!

In the desert it is sometimes hard to find a cool, safe place to rest, a place where your spirit is renewed by community and refreshed by living waters. We are glad you have found your way here to receive our extravagant welcome. 

We hope you will come to know us as a vibrant, relaxed and diverse community of faith, and as a church that gathers to nurture, share and celebrate the wonder of life.  

For at The Good Shepherd we are all spiritual seekers who find joy in community; meaning in living faith-filled lives; purpose in seeking to promote justice and compassion; and direction in following in the way of Jesus. 

Join us this Sunday, November 18th,  for the 20 Year Celebration 


 This is a special time in the history of our Church.  We will have been in the current Church building 20 years and Randy has been our pastor for 20 years.  There will be a special Fellowship Hour between Services.  We hope the folks from the First Service will stay and the Second Service folks can come around 10:15 to be part of the festivities.


Randy Mayer and family a couple weeks later after the move to the current location.  Previously, Rev. Jim Scovil was the pastor of the Good Shepherd and helped the congregation make the decision to buy the property and move to Sahuarita.  Jim will be preaching this Sunday, helping us celebrate and give us some perspective of where we have been---should be a great Sunday. 

Alternative Gift  Fair 

The Mission, Service and Justice team will be hoisting the Alternative Gift Fair this Sunday, November 18, December 2, and December 9. 
See the  Get Involved page for more information and order forms.   Click Here for the page.


September 16 - May 

Two Sunday Services

9:00 am Traditional Service with Choir

11:15 a.m. Contemporary Service
with Church Band

Nursery and Church School during Worship

Youth Group following Worship


Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday  


Select this link to our Resources page to read The Good Shepherd's current newsletter

Common Ground on the Border and Border Issues Fair

The U.S.-Mexico borderlands has always been a beautiful mix of culture, language, cuisine,
economies and people. It has also been a place of struggle, high and low temperatures, a fragile
environment and the push and pull of immigration.

Bringing fine acoustic music to the Santa Cruz Valley for more than 15 years.
Select this link to see the 16th Annual Javarita Coffeehouse Concert Series

Saving migrant lives in the Southern Arizona Desert.
Select this link to find out how you can participate in the humanitarian work of the Samaritans

Meeting the food needs of the hungry in our community.
Select this link to find out more about the Sahuarita Food Bank at the Good Shepherd

We believe God embraces all people equally, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. 
Select this link to read about our commitment to welcome all into our fellowship

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