We of The Good Shepherd are a welcoming and caring congregation, courageous as followers of Jesus through community and worship. As individuals and as a community of faith, how, where, why, and on whom we spend our money speaks volumes about our core values, what we believe and what are the important issues in our lives.


For 2021, we've added an ability to electronically indicate your pledge of support to our annual stewardship campaign.


Click here for a pledge card to print out, then fill in by hand, and mail or deliver to The Good Shepherd.


Click here for an email pledge card.


Prepare & submit your pledge by following these steps.  Your typed signature will suffice.


1. SAVE this PDF file to your computer;
2. OPEN the saved PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Windows users may open in Microsoft Edge);
3. TYPE your information onto the form;
4. SAVE this file, then exit the Adobe Acrobat Reader program (or Edge);
5. VERIFY that your pledge data was saved by reopening and viewing the file;
6. ATTACH the completed file to an email with the subject "Stewardship pledge" and send to



Would you find it helpful to have your offerings debited directly from your bank account as you probably do with other obligations? The Good Shepherd offers electronic giving for those who wish to have their contributions transferred electronically to the church’s account. If you travel, this is particularly helpful in keeping up with your intended offerings. One simple, easy to use authorization form can begin or change your electronic contribution amount.


Contact the church office for more details.

520-625-1375 or




Stewardship also occurs in non-financial ways. While “treasure” is required to execute some of our mission, “time and talent” are given much value as well. Many opportunities are available at The Good Shepherd to further our goals in our faith, so please contact the office to see where you can be of greatest assistance.

The charitable gift annuity is perhaps the most popular and beneficial form of planned gift. For information on the amount of income you can receive, please see the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA)

The Good Shepherd is making a concerted effort to build its planned giving program. Planned gifts are important and lasting. They will ensure that the vital witness of our Church will continue far into the future. They also can provide important tax benefits and lifelong income to the donor. There are a variety of instruments available; if you are interested, please contact Nancy Ackley.

And if you have already made provisions for The Good Shepherd in your estate planning, THANK YOU!  Please tell Randy or Amy that you have done so; we want to ensure that you receive appropriate recognition.