The Good Shepherd UCC

Social Media and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Permission for photos of minor children is requested as part of the registration forms for children and youth activities. Minor children are never identified by name.

Photographs of church activities may be posted on our website and used in our newsletter or other promotional materials. Participation in activities at The Good Shepherd implies permission for The Good Shepherd to use photos of such activities in print and electronic publications, consistent with provisions of this privacy policy. Names will not be associated with these photographs unless identification is warranted and written permission has been given by the individual or parent/guardian.

If you see a photograph of yourself or your child that you prefer not to be included on the website, or if you would like to insure that no photo of you or your child is used for these purposes, please contact the church administrator.

Social media provides a good opportunity to engage with members and friends throughout the week, and continue to share our story. Yet, social media does come with a few risks. With these concerns in mind, it is our policy to create a positive environment and project a professional image of The Good Shepherd. Posts should be made in a respectful and caring way, remembering that they reflect The Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd social media outlets should never be used for discrimination of any kind, sexual harassment, participation or intervention in any political campaign, to promote political positions, to promote personal positions or agendas not associated with the church, to promote business ventures not connected with the church, or engage in any unlawful activity. Any posts to The Good Shepherd’s pages that do not adhere to these policies will be removed by the moderators.

The Good Shepherd will also continue to protect confidential and private information on social media outlets. We will not post any confidential, private, or restricted information.

We will also take heed to always be honest and accurate when posting information.


One or two staff members should be administrators for the group. A member of the church may also be an administrator and all will monitor activity closely. If posts or comments are promoting a specific personal non-Good Shepherd endeavor, they are mean-spirited or otherwise harmful to The Good Shepherd’s image (at the discretion of the administrators) they will be deleted.

Use of images of minors should follow The Good Shepherd’s safety policy.

Posts and comments should reflect positively on The Good Shepherd (disagreements should be handled via private channels).

Safety Policy

Parents will be asked to give written blanket permission to use photos of their children on The Good Shepherd’s web site, Facebook group, newspaper publicity, and electronic publications. Exceptions will be noted by the Faith Formation director and communicated to the church administrator and administrators of the web page, Facebook and other publications.

Persons under 18 years old will not be identified by name on Facebook, on the web site or in other electronic publications.

Communication on Facebook between adults and minors should be in public forums (posts, comments) rather than private messages. Communication via email and texting between staff and minors should include minors’ parents.

Approved by Admin Team April 28, 2015