The Stephen Series from Stephen Ministries is a complete system for training and organizing lay people to provide one-to-one Christian care to hurting people in and around the Good Shepherd congregation and in the surrounding Sahuarita/Green Valley community.

Want to Learn More about Becoming a Stephen Minister?

If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister talk with one of our Stephen Ministry Leaders:  Linda Redfield, Lyn Nowakowski or Judy Holcomb.

Stephen Ministry Application (PDF file)
Learn more, visit the Stephen Ministries website.

What do Stephen Ministers do?

What Is a Stephen Minister?

• Listen

• Explore feelings

• Pray

• Share Christ’s love

• Maintain confidentiality

• Attend to the caregiving process

• and leave the results to God

Stephen Ministers care for people who are:

• Grieving

• In a crisis

• In need of long-term care

• Dying

• Hospitalized

• Divorcing

• Experiencing losses as they age

• Going through a crisis of childbirth

• The family and friends of people in crisis

What Is a Stephen Minister?

A Stephen Minister is . . .

• A child of God who walks beside a hurting person;

• A caring Christian who really listens;

• A member of our congregation who has received 50 hours of training in how to provide distinctively Christian care;

• A person who is ready to focus on your needs;

• A trustworthy confidant who will keep everything you say—and even your identity—confidential; and

• Someone who will faithfully meet with you on a weekly basis for as long as your need persists.

A Stephen Minister is NOT . . .

• A counselor or therapist;

• A problem-solver;

• Someone who runs errands or helps with chores; or

• A casual visitor.